Sarah E. Sylvester, Lead Designer, Owner

I'm head over heels in love with flowers. The fragrance, the textures, colours, everything.  I love learning about new, hybrid and different varieties of flowers and foliage, cutting edge design techniques, or old school skills that have withstood the test of time.  I want to design bigger, better, more impactful floral installations, while still marvelling at the simplistic beauty of a single stem in an antique vase on my bedside table.  I strive to design in a way that nature would intend, and always take time to play with flowers.  I love the outdoors, and often take hikes with my dog, Sneaks in my spare time.  I consistently scour roadside ditches for weeds, thistles or the perfect stem of Queen Anne's lace.  Forever scheming about how to incorporate non-traditional elements into my designs.  I love teaching seasonal workshops, and I'm always on the lookout for new floral publications and books to draw inspiration from.  I'm constantly signing up for and completing floral design workshops both in and out of country, so that I can offer you nothing short of my best.  I still get a rush when new magazines hit the stands, and I have a literal heap of handwritten notebooks full beyond the margins of my next floral install.  I genuinely love meeting my clients, and it thrills me to see how my designs come together to create their perfect atmosphere.

I love doing this.  I will always do this.