Inside The Little Shed

Ok, so that's not an entirely accurate title. I mean, yes, the photos posted here are totally my design space, consult space and studio but it's not where this baby started. The original little shed was a super sweet 12x12 floral shed of dreams, with reclaimed lumber, recycled windows and electrical wire, Edison bulbs for lighting and a work bench that any floral designer would love I'm sure. 


Now, The Little Shed calls this dreamy, character filled old church home. With it's white walls, original stained glass windows and cathedral ceilings she's a real gem. I honestly feel incredibly lucky to call this space my own. You can generally find me upstairs in the office loft space banging out proposals and design plans, answering emails and struggling harder than I'd like to admit with technology, or literally up to my elbows in gorgeous fresh florals, slinging stems into custom designs for my wedding and event clients. 


This charming space has been rumoured to host a girls night or two, with it's attendees spread out on a blanket, surrounding a pretty incredible charcuterie spread made by yours truly. I'm almost positive that if you walk by at any given time you can totally hear Sam Cooke, James Brown or Chris Stapelton blasting out of the Bluetooth.


However she may change over time, with fresh paint, signage, landscaping or it's décor contents this space was a big old step forward for The Little Shed name. I'm proud of this building, the brand that I'm building and I am always happy to work within these walls. Drafty winters, leaky springs and sweaty hot summers. The Little Shed's sexy old church is just fine with me.