Dancing in The Forest with G + T

When Glynnis and her lovely mamma bear Michele found their buns on my antique couch for a consult, I was thrilled. For real though, thrilled. She legit asked me for true winter. Like, she told me she wanted sticks and winter greenery, and dried elements. Shit that was seemingly half dead. Full on true seasonal floral. Can you imagine my excitement?! Boo yah. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm totally into different floral design elements. Whether that means interesting colour palettes, dried elements, weird varieties or incorporating floral into non-traditional elements I'm all for it. And then you guys, she whipped out a swatch of her gown. So, before I tell you how awesome that was, I need to tell you that she's a red head. And super pretty. Ok, back to the swatch. It was ivory with champagne and all the good things in the world! Gorgeous. Ugh. 


Right?! Look at that thing. 


So Glynnis and Troy celebrated at Bellamere Winery in London, which is so lovely. It's rustic and charming and really quite cozy. It's all exposed beamy and intimate. So naturally I brought the forest inside! Pine and magnolia and all the dried goodies. Thistle, grape vine, branches, antiqued gold tones and the most beautiful batch of quicksand roses I think I've ever been served. Seriously beautiful product. K, side note to the floral humans out there, let's get real for a second about how substitutions in the fresh flower world are a thing. Not this time. Dreamy, right?


Also, not that you could forget to mention it, but kilts. And sentimental, awesome, drenched in family history kilts. Like, heart warming story carrying kilts. I feel like I could go into serious detail about it, but some things are just meant for those involved. So, we'll leave it at that. 

On to the meat! Little miss bride is a dance instructor. It was so awesome, and difficult to focus when I was working on installing all the greenery and floral, while bride and groom were rehearsing their first dance in the aisle! I'm pretty sure I nearly died like eight times falling off a ladder covered in sap, just watching them be incredible. lol. Picture it. 


Folks, here you'll see six hams, in their natural habitat the hams will often reveal ridiculous amounts of thigh for anyone nearby that may have a camera in hand.


While the bridesmaids are just too sweet. Pure winter fashion, with muffs adorned with neutral florals and winter greenery, shawls all individually packaged by the super organized bride. From one type A personality to another, I dig it. 


We all know that if you ask me to design your bouquet, it's goig to be big. I mean, large and in charge. lol I'll push it, and you'll either be thanking me for your new super toned arms, or cursing me while your bicep is going lactic half way down the aisle haha. In any case, I loved this bouquet so much I could hardly stand to leave it at the bride's parent's home. I'm pretty sure i whispered goodbye to it while no one was looking...


I honestly wish that i could have stayed to party with these people. I just sincerely loved everything about these two, their family and their day. Homemade pies, soups in a jar as favors, dried and seasonal elements and all the love that winery could handle.


I really need to thank Mikaela Shannon Photography for her obviously incredible capture skills. The candid moments, not to mention how she really allowed my floral designs to shine. It's not every day that you get to work with the vendors AND the clients of your dreams. Just gorgeous. More weddings like this please!