Boho Bridal Styled Shoot at The Ashwood

So, Darien Funk and I always meet at the beginning of the week. Do you know her? Cause you should. Her work is ridiculous. Like, candid, raw, emotionally capturing, life altering photography.

Anyways, we always meet at the beginning of the week to brainstorm and chat about all of our styled shoot ideas; there are always so many, as well as plan our industry domination. In a good way, don't worry, geez. Not too long ago we were talking about how we'd like to execute a really cool and moody shoot, potentially in a forest with a little boho/indie inspiration. Naturally I went off the deep end and started planning immediately, seeing as Valentine's was pretty much right around the corner, I had recently committed to designing a whole shit load of florals for my industry gals in London, and oh ya, we also had a super sexy photoshoot in the works since who knows how long ago. 

Did I also mention that all you guys and gals are getting engaged and booking your consukts and weddings? hahaha who needs sleep. 

So I wake up the day of the shoot. For real its -20 baahahahah  Carly from Nicholas and Elizabeth in London shoots me a text asking if we're still good to go, and I'm all, "yea gal!" which I mean, I can totally understand how she may think that Sarah doesn't really dig standing out half nude in the frigid temps. Our makeup artist extraordinaire Erin Bolger is legit allergic to the cold, my Honey Silks and Co. ribbon has yet to appear in the mailbox, and not to mention the Spark and Thistle jewellery I've been drooling over for weeks has yet to arrive itself. No biggie. Half the shoot isn't here. It's fine!!!!

So I get my locks tamed by The Bayfield Beauty Shop, my face is transformed by Erin, and Darien and I are en route to the mailbox for one last hail Mary. YESSSS. Everything is there. The world is right again! oh, except for the fact that Darien legitimately forgot her boots, and socks, and was about to freeze outside for hours. Two words: baby brain. 

We get to the Ashwood, doors are locked, lol. Classic. Can you see the theme of this post? Perseverance friends. Never give up, and never give up hope. Things will work out.. sometimes. Fast forward to me flashing the girls in the restroom during the task of getting into the gorgeous Wilderly and Sottero gowns. We all ventured out into the -20 air, armed with blankets, coats, and a rug for this poor soul to stand on. And here it is. The fruits of our labour. Stunning boho bridal inspiration. Eat your heart out gals. This will never happen again, hahahah.


Dress number one complete! I'm pretty sure there were a few choice words here before I felt Carly wrap my coat around my shoulders and I bolted in frozen, snow soaked moccasins for the safety of the washroom, lol. Oh, and the poor bouquet lived in my running car in between shots so it wouldn't look completely dead by the end of the shoot.


A slit Sarah?! Seriously? wtf


So, at this point, more choice words, and the floral crown is completely done for. lol. But damn girl! Look at that makeup! K, third gown, which I was naturally stoked about, because the second look associated with it involved a sweater. I couldn't wait. No seriously, my toes were not happy.


The photo says, "I'm in love with everything happening here. My gown, my florals, this hat, my makeup looks incredible and these ribbons and jewellery are making me want to dance in the streets!" 

Real talk, "cheese and rice I think i'm going to parish out here. Tell my mom I love her, and pick up my dog. I'm not going to make it!"

haha, but it's all in good fun...


And that's a wrap! With frost bitten toes, a frozen stiff bouquet and flower crown, and a happy heart, we all retired to the Ashwood Bourbon bar for all you can eat mussels! Probably took us at least an hour and three drinks to warm up, but we did it. So, enjoy it! Tell all your friends! And don't be afraid to let your personality shine on your wedding day. Hats and tattoos and sweaters are awesome. Trust me. 




Make-Up: Erin Bolger
Hair: The Bayfield Beauty Shop
Dresses: Nicholas & Elizabeth  - Blissful Weddings Co
Jewelry: Spark and Thistle
Ribbons: Honey Silks & Co
Location: The Ashwood Inn