Sandy + Todd + all the love

When the lovely gals from Blissful Weddings & Co. contacted me about the opportunity to work with this particular couple, I jumped. Jumped at the chance, jumped for joy, all the jumping was happening. An intimate affair at a gorgeous venue, with a fresh design palette and a bride that looks half her age. I was so into it. Not to mention working with Carly was fun, fast paced and a literal riot, and Sandy and Todd were like two teenagers in all the love with each other. 

Fast forward to the wedding day. I was so excited to drop off the bouquets that I had worked so hard on, and let me tell you it was a little bit of a challenge. By now I'm sure you've noticed that I love to design enormous, heavy bridal bouquets with strange and non-traditional elements, so these were a little stretch for me. In a good way obviously, look how awesome they are. lol Anyways, I was walking down the hall with an armload of bridal bouquet goodness, and when I busted into Sandy's bridal suite I almost died. She turned around and screamed. Guys, she screamed. Like, you know when people are so happy with food that they've just been served in a restaurant that they sorta bounce in their chair and shake a little bit? Yea, that, plus a scream. Floral designer bridal bouquet dreams realized. Life complete. 


So, after I delivered the bouquets, it was time to get my ass in gear and design the huge ceremony arch of dreams. However, it was mega hot, and I didn't really think my bride would be stoked to find droopy, sad looking blooms at her romantic woodland ceremony, so  I decided to hit the guest table game instead. So this next part you can't tell Sandy k? The tables were all set, which normally I'd be all, "awesome!" except they were set with the wrong linen. Gaahh. So the awesome staff and I ripped all the tables to shreds, put on the right linen, and reset everything like the bosses that we are. I think it turned out pretty great! Minus all the sweating and swearing.


K, so now that the tables were good to go, and it was getting dangerously close to ceremony time, obviously ceremony arch install time. This mostly consisted of me yelling and swearing at Dave, (my hang it, fix it, load it, build it, no not like that, god damn it just give it to me, I'll do it myself, jesus man, be careful with that, guy) to hurry up and tape those greens into bunches, wtf are you waiting for? Christmas? 

Long story short, I got er done, and she was a beauty. Not to mention I was feeling pretty proud that I implemented some rad design mechanics that I learned from the queen of arches herself, Tellie Hunt. Now, to make a plan of attack on how I'm going to get this eight foot tall beast of an install up the giant hill, up a narrow staircase and situated behind the head table... 


And now, for some of the most attractive bridal party shots you will see ever. Plus the cutest groomsmen on the block. BAM!


Now, usually I wouldn't stick around, creeping in the bushes, but I had to move this install, and why not watch a super sweet ceremony stalker style in the shrubs?! Right? It's fine. So, after the lovebirds were all married up, I started the move of the season. Good god this was so sweaty, so heavy and so awkward. But dang it, Sandy wanted that sucker behind the headtable, so that's where it was going. 8 minutes later. Success!

Prety good right?! Yea, I thought so too. 

Prety good right?! Yea, I thought so too. 

Guys, this wedding was so fun. So on that note, here's a few photos to end this long ass blog, of a couple of recently hitched kids, who look like they're having even more fun than I did designing this dream of a celebration. Happy wedding you crazy kids! Thanks for letting me do my thing. 

20170825-DSC_0934 copy.jpg