1:1 Mentorship with Bloom School Toronto

Hey, do you all remember when I said that I had never blogged before, but that I was going to try my hand at it anyway? And that I probably wouldn't be any good at it, but then I wrote a few, and had some humans tell me that the blogs were actually pretty funny, and that I should keep writing them because they liked them.  So, I was feeling pretty good about myself writing these so-called entertaining blogs, like, thinking that I was getting the hang of it, doing all the tagging and inserting all the photos all by myself! Darien is so proud. Well, I just got knocked down a peg. For real.

Mostly because I had nearly this entire blog finished yesterday, and only had to enter a final statement and maybe an address for Bloom School Toronto. Well wouldn't you know it!! I opened my laptop to find that I never hit that cute little save button before I closed my laptop yesterday, and it decided that it wanted to do a slew of updates without asking me, and then it restarted and all my awesome, hilarious blogging was gone. Full on destroyed. So guess what? All you get now is this: Bloom School Toronto with Becky from Blush and Bloom was amazing. I learned a tonne, had a bunch of laughs, got to go home with all my beautiful designs, (less the giant staircase installation and the hanging feature of dreams, obviously) and ate some pizza and cheese that I really shouldn't have. 

Photography: Kimon

Model: Lexington and Co.

Ugh. I'm so mad lol. stupid computers. Anyways, I hope that you still enjoy all these gorgeous photos that I've probably already posted on social media because I was too excited when I saw them initially. If you're thinking of taking a workshop or furthering your education related to your skill just do it. Learn all the things and get better, cause then you can design beautiful and creative and great stuff and have all the pretty pictures, and people will want to pay you money to do those things. Isn't that the dream? Getting paid to do what you love?  I'm living it.


Ok, I think I've calmed down now from my initial rage of losing my primary blog post. So, that being said, I made some super lovely things, and learned so many applicable design mechanics so that I can continue to bring my clients innovative, inspired and just really rad floral installations and designs. So cheers! Cheers to learning and always growing, and taking the time to invest in yourself, and also, to never forgetting hit that friggin' save button. Damn it.