Elopement Love at The Little Inn of Bayfield

I always encourage all of my clients to come in and see me. I want to speak to your face, ok?! I love getting to know all of you lovely humans, and hearing about your ideas and all the rad  photos that you've posted or pinned or saved or whatever other verb. I want to see how you react to my suggestions, or if your eye keeps drawing to a certain colour or piece of inventory in my studio. It's just better. But, it's not always possible, and I totally get that. Maybe you're really far away and you don't have time next time you're in town, or whatever other reason it may be. 

Courtney and Josh were sort of like that. They made plans to elope here in Bayfield, at The Little Inn. I remember when I received the email from the Inn, it just simply stated that they had an elopement booked, and they had attached a couple of photos of what the bride was looking for with respect to her flowers. I open the attachment and loved it. The inspiration was simple, organic, wild flowers. a bridal bouquet, buttonhole and a larger than life flower crown. Just one request, for a hint of blue. No problem guys, I'm on it. 


I think we had literally one phone call; the bride and I, and she was legitimately lovely. Sweet, and to the point, super chill and normal. Yes. Please. We chatted for a few minutes, I made a few suggestions on floral variety and size, and that was it. With a venue like The Little Inn, a request for wild flower vibes, Erin Bolger rocking your makeup and Darien Funk behind the lens it was a winner. 

Can we do moody, wild flower elopements at charming and quaint inns all the time? Oh, and she wore a short dress. Like, come on. I dig it. Omg and Courtney was so petite too, just a gem. And they had a thumb war at the bar. Guys, a thumb war. I hope you love this as much as I do.