Large Scale Installs with Bloom School

So, I could never understand; back when I was in a different career, how some people were so hungry for further education, certificates, workshops and classes. Like, was there something loose upstairs?! How on earth did these humans even have the extra energy let alone ambition after the long, demanding hours? But since I've made the massive life change to entrepreneurship and floral design, it's legitimately like a switch has been flipped. A metaphorical lightbulb if you will.  I liked my job, but it was not my passion. I didn't happily lay awake at night, thinking about my day or my job. I didn't have an endless stack of notebooks filled with plans and designs and ideas about my prior career. 

I get it now. I so get it. I've been open and operational in this industry for a little over a year and a half now and I've enrolled in and participated in three pretty large classes/workshops/sessions. You may be reading this and thinking, "that's not that many gal." But it really is. They're certainly not cheap, (100% worth it, hands down)  and the classes that I've attended have all been at least 3 hours distance from home. They're a commitment, not only to my business, but to myself, as well as my clients. I love furthering my educational tool belt, my design skills and mechanics tricks. Business knowledge, social media, styling, the list goes on. And I can't get enough! I'm constantly adding workshops to the already lengthy list of events to attend. 

Ok, enough. Here's a whole pile of photos from a workshop that I participated in at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, ON. It was through Bloom School Toronto, the brainchild of Becky, owner of Blush and Bloom. We worked in teams, after instruction and discussion to execute three gorgeous large scale installations. Ugh, take me back. For serious though, brides, if you're seeing this, let me design incredible large scale installs for you. You will not regret it. Show stopping floral designs are the heart of the event. Well, next to the couple of course. PS all of these lovely images were taken by none other than BK Photo. So good. 


Pretty great arbour install, right? a creamy palette, queen anne's lace and pampas grass?! good golly. Next up, ceremony chuppah with romantic draping silk chiffon and some really awesome local rudbekia. And so many foraged elements. For real, I learned so much, like, I was always told that foraging wasn't a thing. Well guess what kids. It's a thing. It's probably my new fave thing actually. There I said it. I love grapevines and ditch flowers!!!! 


Towards the end of the day, following a pretty stellar spread of eats we all collaborated to design an installation that I had really only seen; recently, on Instagram. A horseshoe shaped floral installation, utilizing a pretty spicy colour palette, and in the foreground of a lovely lake atmosphere. Lake, flowers, love. Done. Sign me up. 


In short, I love workshops and classes, and I firmly believe that we should never stop learning anf growing and chasing our passions. Ugh flowers I love you.